The Zika Virus

The concern with the arbovirus, in special the zika virus, has been occupying our minds lately. Because this is probably a worry also to you, we decided to let you know some facts.

In the period when the 18th International Zeolite Conference takes place, the concentration of virus is very much diminished since it is the dry season in the SouthEastern part of Brazil. Another aspect is that the mosquitoes are very sensitive to the ordinary repelling lotions and creams, therefore, our advice is to bring with you to Rio de Janeiro what is called the repelling lotion for forest exploration. The advantage of that product is that it lasts longer than the regular lotions that you can buy in the drugstore.

Other than that, maybe you would like to know that the World Health Organization currently states that there should be no restrictions on travel or trade with countries, areas or territories with zika virus transmission. In most cases, the zika virus is mildly inconvenient for the average person. In fact, of those infected, about one in five persons show any symptons and these tend to be no more than short-lived flu-like symptons such as a fever, rash and aching joints for a period that varies from two to seven days.

Generally, travelling to Latin America after the rise of the zika virus has no difference to what it was before that. Finally, a possible link between exposure to the virus in pregnancy and microcephaly has not any scientfic background, hence, there is currently no conclusive proof that the two are connected.

In the hope that these facts help the participants to make a decision to come to the conference, with a clear understanding of what the situation in Brazil is, we remain available should you have any other questions.

Best regards.
The Organizing Commission
18th International Zeolite Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil