Presentation Pre-conference School

Following on the footsteps of previous International Zeolite Conferences, the 18th IZC will be preceded by the Pre-Conference School on Zeolites.

Organized at the Institute of Chemistry, University of Campinas, the School will take place on the 17th and 18th June, 2016.

Nine lectures are scheduled for this period, each one of them of 90 min comprising lecture and discussion. The School begins on Friday 17th with Prof. Svetlana Mintova lecturing on crystallization of zeolites. Her contribution will be followed by Prof. Raul Lobo who will talk to us about basic zeolite characterization and Prof. Dilson Cardoso on general aspects of catalysis by zeolites.

From these three introductory lectures in the Chemistry of Zeolites, the program takes a shift to focus on the theme of the Conference “Zeolites for a Sustainable World”. In that direction, it begins by looking at Natural Zeolites sustainable properties under the point of view of Prof. Zelimir Gabelica. After that, Prof. Lobo comes back to talk about NOx abatement and Prof. Gabriele Centi will conduct us into the paths of CO2 utilization by the use of zeolitic catalysts.

Moving on to biofuels and biomass, Prof. Guido Busca lectures about zeolitic acidity and basicity and their use in ethanol transformations. On the biomass side, Prof. Jean Marcel Gallo will display its use in a sustainable system of production of fuels and chemicals.

Finally, the possibilities of the catalytic transformation of plastics into fuels is going to be explained by Prof. David Serrano.
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