Gabriele Centi

Gabriele Centi

Prof. Gabriele Centi

University of Messina, Italy

Title of the conference: Disruptive catalysis by micro- and meso-porous materials to address the new scenario for sustainable energy and chemical production

Gabriele Centi is full professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Messina, Italy, and President of the European Research Institute of Catalysis (ERIC). Research interests are in the areas of applied heterogeneous catalysis, sustainable energy and chemical processes, biomass conversion and environment protection.

He was coordinator of the EU Network of Excellence IDECAT, a former President of the European Federation of Catalysis Societies (EFCATS)and actually is vice-President of IACS (International Association of Catalysis Societies).

He received the Eminent Visitor Award 2007 from the Catalysis Society of South Africa, in 2009 the SociétéChimique de France French-Italian Prize for distinguished works in industrial chemistry and sustainable processes, in 2010 the UOP 2010 lectureship and International Award F. Durante for the activities on nanotechnology and catalysis, in 2013 the MPG Award “Frontiers in Chemical Energy Science”, in 2014 the Lee Hxun Lecture Award (Inst. of Metal Research, Chinese Acad. of Sciences, Shenyang – Cina), in 2015 Catalysis Forum Lectureship (State key Lab. of Catalysis, Dalian – China) and Kekule lecture (Univ. Antwerpen).

He is Chair of editorial board of Wiley-VCH journal ChemSusChem, co-Editor in chief of Journal of Energy Chemistry (Elsevier), Chief Editor of the Book Series Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis (Elsevier) and Green Energy (De Gruyter). He is also member of the International Committee of various scientific journals and conferences. He was Chairperson of the International Zeolite and Mesoporous Materials conference (IZC16&IMMS7), Sorrento July, 2010.
He published over 50 reviews on catalysis and green energy, and is author of nearly 400 scientific publications, several communications in international conferences (over 30 plenary or invited/key-note lectures in the last 5 years), he is author/editor of over 20 books and special issues of international journals. Current h-index (Google Citations) is 66 with nearly 15.000 citations.