Leandro Martins

Dr. Leandro Martins

Julio Mesquita State University, Brazil

Title of the conference: One-step glycerol oxidehydration on multifunctional micro/mesoporous zeolite catalysts

Leandro Martins is currently Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Institute of Chemistry at Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP. He joined UNESP in 2009 after a post doctoral training in the physicochemical group at the same university. Prior to this, he awarded a PhD in investigations of zeolites applied to base catalyzed reactions, a study developed jointly with the group of Prof. W. F. Hölderich in Aachen-Germany.

Under his guidance, the GPCat group (www.gpcat.com.br)acquires a fundamental understanding of the nature of active sites on catalyst surfaces and the catalytic reaction pathways in ethanol and glycerol conversion into value-added chemicals. The group is also able to design catalysts with the desired pore architecture for the mentioned reactions. In the surface engineering context, the group works in partnership with Prof. V. Brioisfrom Synchrotron Soleil-France and Prof. T. Garetto from INCAPE-Argentina.