Guillaume Maurin

Guillaume Maurin

University of Montpellier, France

Title of the conference: Development of MOFs assisted by molecular modelling

Academic Career
10/2002-10/2004 : Senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Laboratoire MADIREL UMR CNRS 6121, Univ. Provence, Marseille 1.
10/2004 -03/2011 : Senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry, ICGM UMR 5253 CNRS, Univ. Montpellier.
04/2011- : Professor in Physical Chemistry, ICGM UMR 5253 CNRS Univ. Montpellier.

1999-2001: PhD in Physical Chemistry “Interactions between alkali cations and porous solids : case of the Na+/zeolite & Li+/carbon nanotube”, Université Montpellier 2 (France), with honours.
2001-2002: Postdoctoral Research Assistant “Modelling gas & vapour adsorption in zeolites”, The Davy Faraday
Research Laboratory, Royal Institution of Great Britain, London (UK).

Research Interests
Adsorption/Confinement & Dynamics of guest molecules (gas, vapour & drug) in inorganic (zeolites) and hybrid (MOFs) porous solids using advanced molecular simulations (Monte Carlo & Molecular Dynamics) coupled with statistical approaches (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship).

Scientific Responsibilities/Funding ID
• 2 International Projects: Principal Investigator (Capes-Cofecub Brasil & Cai YuanPei China)
• 6 European Projects: (i) General Coordinator: FP6 RTN “INDENS” 2005-2008; Programme ALFA II “NANOGASTOR” 2006-2009; (ii) Scientific Coordinator: FP6-EU STREP “DeSANNS” 2006-2008; (iii) Workpackage leader FP7-NMP “MACADEMIA” 2009-2013; (iv) Coordinator leader for CNRS FP7- Large Scale Integrating collaborative project “ E=M4CO2” 2014-2017 and (v) Team member of ERC-Stg “BioMOF” 2008-2013.
• 5 National projects: ANR CO2 “NoMAC” (2007-2010), ANR Programme Blancs “SAFHS” (2008-2011) & “MODS” (2012-2016), ANR Programme MatetPro “VIRMIL” (2010-2014) & ANR Programme SEED “CHESDENS” (2013-2017).

Administrative Responsibilities
• Head of the group “Dynamics & Adsorption in Materials with Porosity” at the ICGM UMR 5253 CNRS Université Montpellier (Janv. 2011-).
• Elected member of (i) the executive board of the Pôle Chimie Université Montpellier (2008-) & of theeducation/administration executive board of Université Montpellier (2013-).

PhD & Staff Supervision
7 PhDs (currently 1); 16 Postdoctorate (currently 5) students; 8 invited Professors for stays >1 month.

Scientific Production/Impact

• 180 Publications: 163 articles, 13 proceedings & 4 Book chapters (
• 7000 citations with 14 articles cited more than 100 times.
• h index of 45 (h index/year numbers of research ~2.7).
• Co-author of the 2nd Edition 2013 “Adsorption by powders and porous solids” F. Rouquerol, J. Rouquerol, K.
Sing, P.L. Llewellyn & G. Maurin (reference book on the subject).
• 21 invited International Conferences/Workshops.

Organization of International Conferences & Memberships to Editorial Boards
• Co-Chairman of the 2nd International MOF “Metal Organic Frameworks” Conference 5-9 Sept. 2010.
• International program committee member of EMN- MOF Qingdao 12-16 June 2015.
• Local organizing committee member of EuroMOF 2017, Delft-Netherlands.
• Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal ISRN Thermodynamics journal.

• FP5 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Award 2001-2002.
• Talented Researcher Award Languedoc-Roussillon Region 2009-2012.
• Member of the Institut Universitaire de France 2013-.