Filipa Ribeiro

Prof. Filipa Ribeiro

Technical Superior Institute, Portugal

Title of the conference: Zeolites as catalysts for the CO2 hydrogenation into methane: a new wide window of research possibilities

Filipa is graduated in Chemical Engineering, at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon (1980). She has been teaching in the Chemical Engineering Department of IST since 1980. She concluded the MSc in Chemistry of Catalytic Processes at IST in 1985. Then, she integrated the Zeolites Group directed by F. R. Ribeiro and she started her PhD, in cooperation with Institut Français du Pétrole, working with zeolite catalysts. In 1989, she obtained the PhD (Isomerization of C8 aromatics on dealuminated mordenites). In 2007, she got the Aggregation in Chemical Engineering (IST).

In1990, she integrated the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Group (CRERG) from the Centre for Biological and Chemical Engineering (CEBQ) of IST, part of the Associated Laboratory IBB. Since 2011 till 2015 she headed the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Research Group. She is the President of Catalysis Division and Porous Materials from Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ).

Scientific interests
The research interests have been focused on solid acid and bifunctional catalysts, especially zeolite based catalysts. Her work on catalysts preparation has integrated the synthesis and postsynthesis modification/functionalization of microporous and mesoporous materials to tailor physicochemical properties and improve final catalytic performances.

She has been involved in optimization of acid and metal based zeolite catalysts for the transformation of different hydrocarbons used as model reactants for oil refining processes (FCC; Hydrocracking; Hydroisomerization of paraffins). The analysis of the possibility of inclusion of biomass in an FCC process has also been object of research through the investigation of the deactivation phenomenon induced by oxygenated molecules poisoning during cracking of hydrocarbons.

She has been developing research in the field of CO2 capture with adsorbents and environmental catalysis for purification of waste gases, namely the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from automotive exhausts and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Her recent interests include the promising topic of taking CO2 as feedstock for fuels and chemicals and the formulation of new zeolite based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation into methane.
Filipa published c.a 120 SCI papers, 8 chapters of books and 4 patent applications; she supervised 16 PhD students and 8 pos-docs. She was coordinator of 13 national Projects (Funded by FCT and QREN), 2 European Projects and 8 bilateral cooperation projects.